Welcome to the chess tournament administration and management software stChess for:

  • Round-Robin ("everyone plays everyone else),
  • Team Round-Robin,
  • KO system and
  • Swiss system tournaments

The main features are:

  • Freeware
  • Create webpages
  • Save as Microsoft-Word and as rtf
  • Round-Robin-tournaments with up to 40 player/teams
  • KO-tournaments with up to 64 player
  • Print cross table and pairings
Swiss system:
  • up to 140 Player
  • Pairings based on FIDE pairing criterias
  • Adding and removing players during the tournament

Installation file:

stChess - Freeware (4MB)

The installation file is not complete. It needs the .Net Framework V2.0 installed on your computer.
If you use Windows Vista, XP or 7 this is already installed on your computer, otherwise please
download dotnetfx.exe from the Microsoft homepage (Search for "dotnetfx.exe" in Google) and install it.

(C) 2013 Stefan Menne All rights reserved.